Preservative Free

Our soft drinks contain no artificial preservatives.

Pure Water

We use aseptic packaging and ‘mix in the cup’ technology to eliminate cross - contamination. Our milk-tubes are automatically steam cleaned.

Healthier Choices

Drinka gives you healthier choices by controlling the type and level of sweetness without compromising on delicious taste. Drinka’s diet sweeteners do not contain Aspertame.

Portion Control

Control the amount of calories in your drink by selecting from 3 sweetening levels.


Our water passes through several filtering levels delivering extremely highly purified water.

  • Low cost per cup Large amount of cups (up to 1000) produced from one cartridge with a very attractive cost per cup.
  • No extra bills All in one means everything is included! Even the sugar and diet sweetner are already inside.
  • Less downtime It takes just about 40 seconds for a Drinka cappuccino vs. several minutes with a typical office machine. Saving hundreds of work hours a year.
  • Low maintenance Save valuable time and effort on cleaning and servicing.