Think Different, Drink Smarter

We live in a smart world: smart phones, smart printers.... Yet, while the workplace has evolved, the way we drink at work has stayed stuck in the past. That’s why back in 2008, Drinka’s team set out to re-imagine the office drinking experience.
" Let’s provide everything you need in one machine! "
" Let’s make it economical and easy to maintain "
" Let’s make quality healthier drinks "
" Let’s allow users the freedom to choose "

The result was revolutionary!! An all-in-one drink machine. Featuring an innovative touch interface, Drinka offers a new level of personalization, where users can customize their drinks, control sweetness and save their preferences. Drinka’s innovative "mix in the cup" and self-cleaning technology, make maintenance easy and efficient.

Drink Happier

Drinks play a vital role in the everyday life of your business. They Keep your workforce energized and make your guests feel appreciated. Drinka’s goal is to bring more life and color into your business, enabling you a more enjoyable drink experience with healthier choices.

​OneSmart Choice

Choosing Drinka is a very smart choice for you, your workforce and your business.
  • Your staff will love the amazing variety of tasty, healthier drinks 
  • Your guests will appreciate the fine quality.
  • Your CFO will appreciate the long-term cost advantages.
  • You’ll appreciate the simplicity of having all your drinks in one solution.